Deeply rooted within the indie/soul landscape you will find Beharie – a young, old soul with a distinctive expression that balances neatly between searching for an identity and independence. With vulnerable vocals immersed in delicate harmonies, his music conveys a nerve that dares to be both vulnerable and insistent.

Despite it being early on in his career, Beharie has already managed to win himself a Norwegian Grammy Award (“Spellemann Award”) with his second EP ‘Beharie // Beharie’ (2021), as well as being nominated by Swedish Gaffa Awards as “International Newcomer of The Year”. The EP won him praise internationally with Wonderland saying “It might be too early to crown the EP of the year just yet, but this is certainly one of our best contenders”.

Having started the year with a month-long European support tour with William Fitzpatrick (US), 2022 has continued to deliver for the soulful singer-songwriter.  His third EP “Beharie, the Third”, released 27th May, saw raving reviews from the likes of VG (5/6), Gaffa (6/6), Aftenbladet (6/6) and Aftenposten (5/6), with Gaffa claiming Beharie’s the “cream of the crop” and comparing him to Frank Ocean:

“The similarities to Frank Ocean, both in the voice and the melodies, are so striking that it’s tempting to look into Beharie’s family tree. A big comparison, yes, but one has to go to this level to give a precise image of the talents that this man possesses” 

With his ability to express emotions wrapped in warm, soulful and timeless sounds, Beharie is continuing to bring his ever-developing music to exciting new places and heights.