Genesis Owusu

“The world is an insanely absurd and chaotic place,” Genesis Owusu says, “but there’s a whole lot of beauty to be found in that as well.”

Over the past few years, Ghanaian-Australian artist Genesis Owusu has been crowned as one of the most exciting voices emerging in Australia. The 2021 release of his debut solo album ‘Smiling with no Teeth’ was among critically acclaimed albums of the year, breaking new ground for Black and alternative artists from in the country. He swept the 2021 ARIA awards with 4 awards, and toured across Australia, Europe and America, including a landmark performance at the Sydney Opera House where he reinterpreted the album with a forty-piece orchestra.

Now, the 25-year-old is ready to enter the next chapter of his career with his second full-length project. Titled ‘STRUGGLER,’ it’s a bold soundtrack to an uncertain time. 11 tracks long, ‘STRUGGLER’ is a vivid, narrative journey into the soul of a fictional character searching to find himself in an increasingly confusing, and isolating world.

Pulling on influences that range from Punk to the Rap, theatre to poetry, the album offers up a portrait that wrestles with resilience, hope and doubt, that explores questions of faith and spirituality, and does so over an arresting, musical backdrop.

“There’s always going to be times where things feels like meaningless and purposeless,” he says about the existential themes unspooled in the album, “But that doesn’t mean we have to stop.”

‘STRUGGLER’ represents the next chapter in an exciting career, the music of an artist who with every project is willing to go deep within himself, and by doing so, pull out a holding space and a soundtrack for those seeking solace in these uncertain times.