Godly the Ruler

Godly the Ruler (they/them) (born Godwill Oke) is a Nigeria-born, Chicago-raised musician working from curiosity and intuition to push today forward. Their work evades simple classification and easy answers, opting to work from the gut to translate their wild imagination into eclectic, electrifying territory. Since 14 years old, Godly’s pushed boundaries and decibels; from home demos to basements to stages, they’ve learned to channel the dramatic and theatrical elements of their favorites to articulate the urgency of life across identity and genre. A glance into the latter will show sonic and thematic flashes across the spectrum – hip-hop, alt-indie punk, EDM to name a few – anchoring Godly the Ruler’s world in a state of consistent unpredictability. They bend only to their whims, synthesizing and repurposing their influences in service of coping with life and liberating themself. Godly the Ruler sings (and screams) about love, war, rage, last night’s events; they take great pleasure in reveling in the extremes. Once these rebellion songs reach their fever pitch, movement becomes irresistible and deliverance imminent. Godly’s frantic world is welcome to all, but tailor-made for the outcasts of this plane, writhing in the unknown and fighting to be counted.