Kyle Dion

Kyle Dion is as transcendent as his artistry. Effortlessly weaving in and out of sounds of R&B, soul, pop, and more, the Florida native stands out as one of the most prolific artists of the younger generation, keeping great music alive and breathing. With collaborations like Kali Uchis (“Your Teeth in My Neck”), UMI and DUCKWRTH (“Play Too Much”), Kari Faux (“Purr”), and Ja Rule (“Placebo”) under his belt, the sonic sportsman always serves and never misses. 

The child prodigy who has been writing and singing songs since the tender age of nine years old, in part thanks to a supportive mother, first caught the eye of the industry as an opening act on Partynextdoor’s Europe tour in 2016 before releasing his critically acclaimed full-length album SUGA in 2019. Taking fans on a funky, eclectic R&B ride, Dion delivered a masterpiece featuring an impeccable falsetto and stories of love, lust, and all of the emotions in between. His follow-up SASSY in 2021 was an equally if not more impressive effort of a brighter, fun project uplifting listeners living in a changing society and seeking playtime. He talks about the place he was at that time in his life saying, “I was in the space where I was experiencing things as a young adult.” Dion stretched his talent to further heights flirting with pop and hip-hop, and having the time of his life inviting his fans into the mind of musical savant.

In addition to creating great bodies of work, Dion counts touring as a highlight of his experience as an artist. “I’m a performer, and I love to sing live.” Fans can agree as his first headlining, sold-out SUGA Tour was a hit visiting major markets like San Francisco, Toronto, and Atlanta. His follow-up sold-out SASSY Tour was equally as successful and expanded Dion’s reach, solidifying him as a star.

Now with two full-length albums living in the stratosphere of artistic excellence, Dion is poised to blow fans away and capture their hearts again with the upcoming launch of his forthcoming EP. He notes, “after taking a year off, with this project I feel like I was able to hone in back into my singing abilities and R&B lane where I feel comfortable and at peace. But still make it genre-bending.”

Recording the majority of the EP in Montreal on a trip with friends, Dion was inspired this time around not by imagination, but by real life. During the trip he mentions, “I felt safe and was able to be vulnerable and talk about a lot of things.” Writing most of the songs alone allowed Dion to create art that was more personal, and the project as a whole is an offering for fans and curious listeners alike who have waited patiently for new music. He says, “Thank you for allowing me to live the past year. I’m back.”

From the first listen of “Let’s Get It On”, listeners are taken to what it would feel like you could party inside of a disco ball. The groovy, galactic record depicts Dion getting intimate with a lover playfully singing lyrics like “just got out the bubble bath, I’m glittering”. The nostalgic sound is reminiscent of nights in the 70s and 80s of patrons spending the night on the dance floor with an object of desire that could lead to an afterparty of sorts.

Slowing the BPM just a bit, on the melodic, mid-tempo, “Put Your Hand in My Pocket”, Dion croons about a love interest whose attention is worth whatever cost. Singing, “my wallet is yours to keep, so spend it on you,” he makes tricking feel like nothing much than a delightful treat. Stepping outside of the party momentarily to take a breather, “Hang Me Out to Dry”, has Dion singing about feelings of abandonment and fatigue of the merry go round of the ups and down of relationships. The record, “Love Stain”, continues the theme of introspection with lyrics like “where do we go from here”, Dion contemplates what would be the resolution to being lovesick.

What would a great R&B project be without dirty macking? Dion answers this question with “Boyfriend Jeans” with a clever twist on luring an unhappy potential lover to greener pastures. Updating a familiar storyline with self-awareness, Dion delectably sings, “if we keep doing this we gon’ end up in therapy”. Even if the consequences are complicated, this soulful, silky record coerces anyone to skate into the sunset, baring all inhibitions.

In the last inning of the EP, Dion dips into pop and alternative yet still keeping it sultry with the cut, “KISSY”. The infectious chorus has the perfect marriage of digital and analog for a fusion of musical goodness that will easily bring the house down when performed live. For the final offering of the project, Dion gets into a pop/rock space with the impressive “XYXY”. After a ride of fun, passion, intensity, and naughtiness, he finishes with a universal message, “in a way, we’re all the same”.