LUCI Booking Agent


Born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, 25-year-old Lucianna Ania Davis, artistically known as LUCI, is an eclectic soul and rap vocalist who curates peculiar sounds to the common ear. Luci’s Hip Hop flows and R&B melodies are fused with electronic style beats evolving into genre-bending, impassioned projects and riveting performances. 

From a young age, writing poetry and journaling was the start of her music career. Listening to songs on the radio are what inspired her to put it all together; writing to beats as well as creating rhythms and melodies. Before discovering the Alt World and branching into Indie and Punk, young Luci found Lil Wayne as her biggest influence.  These days she finds her greatest influences in the likes of Kanye West and Drake while also taking inspiration from psychedelic blues and punk music.

With a background in Fine Arts, LUCI, is now based in NY. If she’s not in the studio, you can find her creating new memories with her girlfriend and dogs or painting her next masterpiece.