Madilyn Mei

Madilyn Mei (she/her) is breaking through the crowded bedroom pop scene with her vivid storytelling, poetic wordplay, genre-defying productions, and unique voice. Only 2 years since releasing her first original music, Madilyn (a.k.a. Madi, Mads or Madders) is building an immersive, comforting, whimsical, and constantly fun world around her music, telling stories about video games, grade-school talent shows, missed connections, and escapist cosplay, all while using clever language to implant deeper meaning to which any listener can relate.

Her single-take performance videos of just-written songs straight from her bedroom have helped build a large and devoted fanbase on TikTok & Instagram, culminating with the release of her viral song “The Chapel” (November 11, 2022).

Her previous release, a conceptual EP titled ‘Where No One Knows My Name’ (September 30, 2022), is a magical 6-track concoction that explores escapism in the form of a typical department store employee, dreaming of doing something more passionate and meaningful in life. Based on Madilyn’s real-life experiences, the songs connect in clever ways, weaving in and out of storybook anecdotes and relatable daydreams, while always culminating with some kind of wisdom shrouded in layers of metaphor.

Madilyn might have begun as just an Arizonian kid using music to escape her life folding clothes down at Target, but her journey is, without a doubt, about to take her to new lands, far far away.