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Oracle Sisters

Creators of artistic dream rock, Oracle Sisters make music that is at once sonically soothing and lyrically compelling. Intricate vocal harmonies over lilting arrangements make an otherworldly vehicle for poetic stories of human connection, home and longing.

Written across Europe and recorded in the south of France, the band’s forthcoming releases speak to the old Portuguese concept of ‘Saudade’: A nostalgia for the future.


Elemental and mesmeric, Paris I is the first of two EPs in which Oracle Sisters broadcast from one of two possible futures.

Written in the wake of the Paris Climate Treaty, the record finds the band considering that humanity has two roads to go down; One where we deal with the problems that face our civilization and one in which we don’t. Visualized by French comic book artist Ugo Bienvenu, Paris I is Oracle Sisters’ reporting from a future achieved by overcoming the challenges upon us.

From the vantage point of days currently ahead of us, EP opener ” Asc. Scorpio” produces a levitating effect via a kaleidoscope of images and colors, tinged with the fear and paranoia of our present times. “Most of All” is a pub ballad with a Utopian outlook, describing the peace that resides in the near future, whilst simultaneously acknowledging our fleeting chance to get there. “The Vibes” promises that love songs will resound for years to come.

The record pauses for late-night lullaby “Nightingale” before “High Moon” is a paean to the mysticism and power of femininity and its ability to endure all.

Paris I concludes with “Honest Man”, catching Oracle Sisters chasing their muse through tequila sunrises under neon red skies, reminiscing on the past and agreeing that the future is still unwritten…