Post Sex Nachos

From the depths of the Midwest alt rock scene arises a soulful and passionate quintet ready to bend genres and produce tunes that’ll make you jump, shake, and move: Post Sex Nachos. Charging into ba le for the love of the groove, these roller-coaster rockers are here to redefine the term “boy band” forever. Breathing new life into genres across the spectrum – from jazz, to pop, to straight up funk rock – Post Sex Nachos con nuously reimagines the scope of what they can do with their art. Where most find a wall, they find a door, in a get-me-a-sledge-hammer-soI-can-show-this-wall-a-thing-or-two kind of way.

Accompanied by two previously released singles, the tle track of their new “Keep Moving” EP is the thema c culmina on of the band’s last two years traversing the country and wri ng music for a world that can’t seem to get out of its own way. Ingra ated with mesmerizing guitar riffs, synth leads that transport you to a hot sand beach on a scorching summer’s day, and bouncing rhythms that anyone can get lost inside of, their music paints a portrait of a group who’s unsure of what the future holds for them but are eager to find out anyways. A shout into the void, the “Keep Moving” EP unabashedly declares that the only thing you can do in a world full of uncertainty is to roll with the punches, keep your head up, and keep on moving.

Post Sex Nachos is (surprisingly) 100% Vegan, Organic, and Homemade.