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Sans Soucis

Sans Soucis is ready to show up for herself.  

The London-based songwriter, artist and producer takes her name from a childhood nickname meaning ‘carefree’. Releasing music independently since 2018, she has been on an intense journey to find herself spiritually and sonically. 

Upcoming EP ‘On Time For Her’ is a pivotal moment: “I’m finally here for myself and I’m ready to seek happiness in life rather than being stuck in my past traumas,” she says. In regard to the title, Sans Soucis explains, “I use the third person because for a long time, I dissociated myself from my own feelings.”

In her most vulnerable work yet, we witness her flourish from beginning to end, tackling childhood and racial trauma and a search for her identity within a Western society.

Moving to the UK just before 20, the cultural shock of beginning again and pursuing a career in music triggered an identity crisis: “Regardless of how proficient you can be in a foreign language, it does take time for you to authentically convey your personality through it,” says Giulia. “Understanding culture and feeling integrated in a foreign country can leave a person in a limbo for a few years of their life and that’s what happened to me.”

Leaving Italy, fuelled by the racism that permeated its society, she continues: “all I wanted to do was cancel past trauma by turning the page with a light heart. Contrary to what I expected, eventually my trauma caught up to me. I found myself depressed and alienated from society before I even knew it.

“Music saved my life in this context. I was able to explore themes and sentiments I felt the need to express at my own pace, with my own words and in a safe, creative space. Over the years, I came to terms with my present and my past thanks to therapy as well.”

Thus, we are introduced to ‘On Time For Her’, a body of work that defies constraint, effortlessly blending classical Italian song writing, alternative R&B and electronic. 

The addition of Congolese Rumba influences adds hopefulness and joy that comes with San Soucis’ sound, which is also typical in Congolese music (major chords, guitars, harmonies): “It’s me saying “I am alive and I’m not running away from anything anymore. I’m ready to stay still. I acknowledge I spent time away from me, but I’m ready to show up for life now,”” she adds. 

With a chance to study wider Contemporary music in the UK, she rediscovered a love for cinematic orchestration, from the masters of 50s and 60s Italian and American soundtracks such as Nino Rota, Ennio Morricone and Henry Mancini, to falling in love with jazz, blues, folk and R&B through the work of legends such as Nina Simone, Bill Evans, Joni Mitchell and Quincy Jones.

“What British culture gave me has more to do with the opportunity to rediscover my identity with a sensitive enough musical and lyrical vocabulary that can convey my experience as a queer, black person of mixed heritage in the UK and in Italy,” concludes Giulia. 

Funded by the likes of PRS Foundation and MOBO Help Musicians Fund, Sans Soucis’ work has gathered support from across the industry, from Spotify’s New Music Friday and Fresh Finds, BBC Introducing London, BBC6 Music, Wonderland, Clash Magazine, The Line of Best Fit, The Fader, and many more.
Now with the success of recent singles ‘Air’, ‘Red Coat’ (featuring Kadhja Bonet), ‘Im On’, and her EP On Time For Her, 2021 has been a breakout year for Sans Soucis.